A durand line agreement

The durand line is the a 2640-kilometre-long border between afghanistan and pakistan, established in 1893 following an agreement between sir mortimer durand, a representative of british india, and. By the time of third anglo-afghan war in 1919, afghanistan got complete independence from britain but the durand line agreement remained intact and was further ratified by king amanullah khan under the treaty of rawalpindi in 1919. The durand line is the 2,640-kilometer (1,640-mile) border between afghanistan and pakistan it's the result of an agreement between sir mortimer durand, a secretary of the british indian government, and abdur rahman khan, the emir, or ruler, of afghanistan the agreement was signed on november 12. Though durand line is accepted as a marked boundary by un, afghan government on 26 july, 1949 unilaterally declared that it considered the durand line as an imaginary line and that all previous durand line agreements are therefore invalid.

a durand line agreement Durand line or border  the durand line agreement led to delineation of the border running from the karakoram range in the northeast to the south through the.

Is the durand line agreement of 1893 even legal and valid the agreement that shaped afghanistan's entire contemporary history the line, now. From the biography of the durand and memories of amir, and the examination of the agreement itself, it appears clear that the durand line agreement was not signed under duress, and that there was. In response, the afghan government declared that it recognised neither the imaginary durand nor any similar line and that all previous durand line agreements were void they also announced that the durand ethnic division line had been imposed on them under coercion / duress and was a diktat. Similarly, the viceroy, lord elgin, writing in 1896, said: the durand line was an agreement to define the respective spheres of influence of the british government and of the amir its object was to preserve and to obtain the amir's acceptance of the status quo.

The line is thus known as the durand line, and runs through pashtun territory according to the durand line agreement, afghanistan relinquished a few districts, including swat, chitral and chageh, although it gained other areas, nuristan and asmar, for instance, which it had historically not controlled. The durand line is a 2,640-kilometer (1,640-mile) contentious porous border that runs between pakistan and afghanistan this is a largely unfenced and unpoliced border which means easy access and unchecked border crossings across both sides. Durand line agreement collapsed with india conclusion durand line durand line durand line durand line the durand line is the only afghan border demarked through. According to lord curzon the durand line agreement gives great britain not a single or double but a threefold frontier: the administrative border of british india the durand line, or frontier of active protection the afghan border, which is the outer or advanced strategical frontier (text of the 1907 romanes lecture on the subject of.

Excerpted from durand's curse: a line across the pathan heart by rajiv dogra, rupa publications india, 2017, with the permission of the publisher rajiv dogra is a diplomat, writer and media. Pakistan claims that the durand line agreement therefore has no expiration limit, and the interpretation of a hundred year expiration is only traditional custom which restricts the validity of the durand line agreement to the lifetimes of the afghan rulers who ratified it. Durand line agreement is a single page small text comprising seven articles it was an exchange of territories and border management agreement the british. In 1893, as part of a way for fixing the limit of their respective spheres of influence, the durand line agreement was signed between afghan iron amir abdur rahman and british viceroy mortimer durand in 1905, the north-west frontier province (today's khyber paskhtunkhwa) was created and roughly corresponded to pashtun majority regions within.

Thus, the flawed durand line agreement became an unavoidable threat to the existence of pakistan's illegitimate afghan borders barely settled in his new gained home, jinnah turned his focus. The durand line: facts and realities 1 afghanistan had reaffirmed the durand line agreement by making additional treaties with the british in 1905, 1919, 1921 and 1930, but kabul claimed. Agreement between his highness amir abdur rahman khan, gcsi, amir of afghanistan and its dependencies, on the one part, and sir henry mortimer durand, kcie, csi, foreign secretary to the government of india, on the other part.

  • A historical survey which covers firstly, the various attempts to establish a satisfactory boundary between the settled lands of india and the mountain areas to the north secondly, the negotiations from which the durand line emerged as the boundary between afghanistan and pakistan thirdly, the.
  • On november 12, 1893, king abdur rahman khan and sir henry mortimer durand (british envoy) agreed on seven points known as durand line agreement to demarcate the line between afghanistan and british india approximately 2,640 kilometers long (presently much of baluchistan, large parts of the khyber pakhtoonkhwa province and the whole of the federally administered tribal areas), to limit their.

It was established after the 1893 durand line agreement between the government of colonial british india and afghan amir abdur rahman khan for fixing the limit of. The durand line issue has continued to complicate the unpredictable nature of the afghan-pakistani relationship since the birth of pakistan constant tension haunts their neighborly relations, as apprehensions and suspicions co-exist with some affable gestures. The durand line agreement (1893) download more papers and articles at valleyswat, wwwvalleyswatnet 2 the english came to india for trading purposes but with the passage of time they made their. As such the line is known as the durand line abdur rahman khan's successor, amir habibullah khan, in 1905 signed a new agreement with britain confirming the durand line after the founding of pakistan in 1947, afghanistan demanded that pashtuns living on the pakistani side of the durand line be given the right to self-determination but.

a durand line agreement Durand line or border  the durand line agreement led to delineation of the border running from the karakoram range in the northeast to the south through the.
A durand line agreement
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